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Romantic Weekends In Venice

HOME Romantic Weekends In Venice

Do you want to surprise your partner with a romantic weekend in the elegance and majesty of Venice? Palazzo Veneziano, with its blend of old world charm and modernity, is at your service in the city centre, ready to offer unforgettable nights to you and whoever you're with.

Pampered by staff who are always ready to bring to life almost any wish you have – 24/7 – your hotel stay will be an experience you’ll certainly want to re-live.

You can choose from as many as 8 different types of room, as well as various suites with private Jacuzzi – either in the room or even on your private terrace. Every one of them will give you a chance to savour the tranquillity of a 4-star weekend.

Each morning starts with the aroma of breakfast – which you can then enjoy in the restaurant or in the comfort of your own room, giving you the energy to discover all the treasures that Venice has to offer.

So don’t delay: give your partner a romantic weekend in Venice with our special offers.