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Hotel near Flight of the Angel Venice Carnival

HOME Hotel near Flight of the Angel Venice Carnival

Venice is one of the most famous cultural destinations in Italy and is appreciated as such both by Italians and by foreign visitors who want to find out more about the wonders of this city on the water.  The most famous annual event is, of course, the Venice Carnival which unites all the beauty and enchantment of this historic city’s tradition of warm hospitality on the lagoon.  The perfect hotel in which to stay during the Venice Carnival is undoubtedly one that offers an excellent location combined with a classy and inviting ambience which will ensure that your visit to our magical city is absolutely perfect. 

All this can be found at the Hotel Palazzo Veneziano which, in addition to overlooking the Lagoon in the Zattere area of the Dorsoduro district of the city, is just one stop on the vaporetto from the world famous Piazza San Marco. So, this is the perfect hotel from which to witness the famous Flight of the the Venetian Angel as it is so close, as the crow flies, to the historic square in which this annual ritual takes place. 

As the hotel is so close to where the Flight of the Angel occurs and is nestled right in the heart of where so much of the Venice Carnival unfolds, the hotel offers a range of services that are able to match the city’s prestigious masked event.  In addition to its perfect location, for those visitors who wish to enjoy the delights of an unforgettable stay, they will be able to benefit not just from spectacular views of the Lagoon, but also the exceptional comforts of a luxurious establishment as the Palazzo Veneziano has 84 different rooms and suites in a refined and elegant style that’s defined by beautiful parquet floors, interior design composed of differing lines and colours and the unusual bonus of individual Jacuzzi tubs on some of the spectacular private terraces or actually inside the guest bedrooms themselves. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy an utterly unique Venitian experience thanks to the comforts on offer at the Hotel Palazzo Veneziano, a hotel that offers breath-taking views of the city’s unforgettable scenery which is characterised by the Lagoon and its canals.